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Hold on loosely!

by Dan Oswald Being a good manager is a delicate balancing act. You have certain responsibilities, and the buck often stops with you. Assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and measuring results come with the territory. Look “manager” up in the dictionary, and you’ll find it described this way: “a person who has control or direction of […]

The Power of Words

Most people would agree that strong communication skills — written or verbal — are an asset for any manager. The ability to communicate effectively can be a profound advantage in business. Words can be used to motivate, negotiate, intimidate, and validate. Words are powerful weapons and, when wielded by someone who is adept in their […]

The Battle of Control vs. Collaboration

I think it’s a natural tendency for people to want to be in control. In fact, I read the other day that the feeling of a lack of control contributes significantly to a person’s stress level. So, it makes sense that all of us would prefer to be in control. It certainly beats the alternative […]

Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors: Front-Burner Issue Again

by Kara E. Shea Independent contractors, by definition, are self-employed. Because they aren’t employees, they aren’t covered by employment, labor, and related tax laws. As a result, some employers may be tempted to reclassify employees as independent contractors to avoid taxes, benefits, record-keeping requirements, overtime, and other expenses. Wage and Hour Compliance Manual Contractors are […]

Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

We’ve all heard the old saying “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.” It’s pretty straightforward. The Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings describes it this way: “Don’t criticize another person’s work until you’ve tried to do it yourself; don’t judge another person’s life until you’ve been […]

Honest, Open, Two-Way Communication

I’ve been thinking a lot about employee communication lately. I’ve been thinking about what makes for good, effective communication and how it can be a powerful force within any organization. I’ve decided that good communication must be H.O.T. H.O.T. stands for honest, open, and two-way. Honest. To me, honesty in communication is the bedrock. If […]

Where’s the Jobs?

Remember, the “Where’s the beef?” commercials Wendy’s restaurants began running in 1984? The advertising slogan soon became a catch phrase anytime someone wanted to question the substance of an idea or product. It seems to me, with apologies to my middle school English teacher, “Where’s the jobs?” is an appropriate slogan for the current, so-called […]