Fostering Informal Learning in the Workplace

According to Ronda Davis, CPLP, PMP, a training manager at MicroPact, trainers can tap the power of informal learning by incorporating “the three Es” (environment, education, and encouragement) into their training strategy.

Techniques for Handling Resistant Learners

In yesterday’s Advisor, Ancestry.com’s Laura Arellano, CPLP, invited training professionals to “be their resistors” and to understand the brain of resistant learners. Today, Arellano provides insight on the roots of resistance and steps for dealing with it in your training.

Understanding the Resistant Learner

“Oh yeah? Make me!” Sound familiar? Resistant learners are a constant potential challenge during training, but they can be effectively handled with the right tools. First, you need to understand what’s going on in their brains, says Ancestry.com’s Laura Arellano, CPLP.