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5 Reasons to Consider a CRM

Recruitment can be a labor-intensive, costly, and long process. Even if your hiring pipeline is streamlined, juggling which candidates are where isn’t always simple. Enter: a solid candidate relationship manager (CRM).

Turn ‘Sinning’ into ‘Winning’ with These 7 Tips (Part 1)

Jobs are changing, and so are the ways recruiters are finding candidates to fill vacant positions. Job ads in your local newspaper are out, and LinkedIn job postings are in. The same can be said with the application process; by using mobile technology, candidates can complete an online application in minutes while they’re on the […]

Will ‘Zero-Time Onboarding’ Be the End of Traditional Hiring Practices?

While job searches surge in early January each year (by an estimated 43%), many companies still lack a structured onboarding process year-round, failing to allocate the necessary time and costs required for getting employees up to speed. While the onboarding process for businesses is generally ill-defined, what is clear is that poor approaches can lead to negative […]

How to Develop High-Quality Learning Experiences for Your External Stakeholders (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday’s post, here are a few additional tactics you can adopt to develop high-quality learning content for your external stakeholders. Curate Content To remain a valued and chief learning resource to your external stakeholders, curate content from multiple sources that they’ll find useful, interesting, and informative. This way, when they want to learn […]

Integrations Every Enterprise Will Need Their LMS to Have in 2018 (Part 1)

Research projects the Learning Management System (LMS) market will continue to grow and that it’ll be worth $7.83 billion during 2018. Many LMS vendors are responding to the accelerated competition in the market space by providing customers with a variety of integration capabilities for their LMSs. Read on to learn the integrations every enterprise will […]

What Is Talent Relationship Management

We’re always looking for ways to hire more effectively and efficiently, and to keep a strong pipeline of resources and potential places to find new talent. As the unemployment rate shrinks, the pool of available talent does the same and makes our efforts to find and cultivate top talent even more critical.


Recruiting as Sales

It’s a decades-old argument: Recruiting is sales, no it’s not.