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What to Consider When Hiring a Chief Technology Officer

Executive positions are often the most challenging to recruit for. As an HR professional, you know just how important it is to find the right match for the business. A wrong executive hire can lead the company in a negative direction that can be difficult to recover from, which puts a lot of responsibility on […]


Unequal Pay, Unequal Opportunity

A recent survey finds that although employers believe there should be pay equality in the United States, women often remain skeptical about their own careers.

age discrimination

Was CEO’s ‘New Face’ Comment a Mask for Age Discrimination?

“Peter,” a senior information technology (IT) director of a retail order fulfillment company, was terminated when his position was eliminated in an IT department restructuring. Was the CEO’s statement that the company wanted a “new face” enough for Peter to establish direct evidence of age discrimination?

Do You Run Active Shooter Drills? If Not, You’re Not Alone

Workplace violence is an all-too-familiar presence in the daily news, and these reports provide repeated reminders to employers nationwide that active shooter incidents are not just a potential threat but a real one. While it may be reassuring to think, “That will never happen here,” it is important to be proactive, plan ahead, and train […]