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Will Cultural Fit Land a Job Over Skill Set?

In any tight labor market, talent spotting and the hunt for the perfect employee are always challenging. Companies must go above and beyond to not only find the right fit from a cultural and skills standpoint, but they must also ensure that the checks and balances are in place to retain top-performing employees. We must […]


6 Types of Assessments Your Employees Need

Did you know that 53% of employers admit that they don’t actively track improved employee performance, even though 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback on their performance at least once a week? And companies that implement regular employee feedback have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than companies that don’t implement regular feedback.


Culture is Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year—For Good Reason

Largely due to its tracking of which words were looked up the most, 2 years ago Merriam-Webster announced “Culture” as its Word of the Year.  Chosen at the end of each year, the word serves as a snapshot of what people have been thinking about and talking about for the past 12 months, and what […]

Finding Your People: A Unique Hiring Approach from a Foldable Kayak Maker

When you hear about a company that builds foldable kayaks, your first thought probably isn’t, “Neat, how do they hire people?” However, in conversations with other entrepreneurs, we’ve learned that our approach to hiring is like our product – handmade and wildly different from the norm.


Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Is Critical (And How to Do It)

When most HR professionals think of the ideal candidate, they think of someone whose skills and experience match perfectly with a job description. It’s hard to imagine this candidate struggling in the workplace, but it happens all the time. Why? Because companies often fail to look beyond a résumé to consider cultural fit.