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Why Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Be Trained in Customer Service

According to Salesforce, customer service is the number one factor influencing how much a consumer trusts a company. And it’s not just external customer service (customer-facing interactions) that plays a factor in whether a consumer views an organization favorably either; it also includes customer service that reaches across an entire organization’s interior too.


Helping Employees Deal with Toxic Customers

Anyone who has worked in customer service knows that some customers can be extremely difficult, demanding, and even toxic. These customers can be abusive to customer service staff.

From Detasseling Corn to Worm Farming, Summer Hiring Heats Up

School is wrapping up for many across the country, which means more students will be looking for jobs to fill the void this summer. Fortunately for them, 41% of companies in a recent CareerBuilder survey say they expect to hire more summer workers for the second year in a row.

Remote Worker Phone Calls—Non-Verbal Communication Matters

We’ve previously discussed the challenges that exist when trying to communicate face-to-face. Body language can send various nonverbal cues to others, whether we intend them or not. But it’s not just face-to-face communication that can cause unintended messages to be sent. Even when we communicate over the phone, via e-mail or text, there are various […]

How to Develop High-Quality Learning Experiences for Your External Stakeholders (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday’s post, here are a few additional tactics you can adopt to develop high-quality learning content for your external stakeholders. Curate Content To remain a valued and chief learning resource to your external stakeholders, curate content from multiple sources that they’ll find useful, interesting, and informative. This way, when they want to learn […]

How to Develop High-Quality Learning Experiences for External Stakeholders (Part 1)

External stakeholders are those individuals and entities that may not be hired by your organization but are still directly affected by how your organization performs. And they have a legitimate interest in your company. External stakeholders include consumers, customers, prospects, regulators, communities and governments, investors, partners, and suppliers. Below are a few tactics you can […]

The State of the Remote Job Marketplace

Research from job site Indeed finds that “remote/work from home” was the fourth most popular job search term in 2017, up 385 percent from 2016. More workers are looking for remote work, and companies are providing work from home employment opportunities.