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Five Tips to Building a Solid Company Culture

In the small business industry—particularly in the restaurant industry—it’s easy to let company culture take a back seat when hungry diners need to be fed and kitchens need to be cleaned, especially in today’s society, as larger issues are occurring in the kitchen as a result of the high stresses that come along with the […]

What Makes Company Culture Really?

Even when a company doesn’t try to cultivate its culture, that culture is there. It’s the personality of an organization from the perspective of its employees and includes things like the company’s mission, expectations, and overall work atmosphere. Whether it’s officially documented, symbolized in the business logo, or merely an unspoken but understood definition, culture […]

Employee Experience and a Positive Bottom-Line

For companies looking to get an edge, the employee experience is increasingly a key area of focus as an enabler of this type of capability. Much like the customer experience, the employee experience is defined as the full set of perceptions that an employee has interacting with an organization, with colleagues, and with the work […]

How to Teach the Basics of Professionalism

HR professionals have probably seen it all, including those employees that come off as less than professional. Their unprofessional behavior might have no bearing on their skills and knowledge, but you might not put them in front of a customer. Luckily, a skill like being professional can be taught.


Turning Cultural Differences into Workplace Assets

We humans are social creatures who have a compulsion to connect with other humans. Paradoxically, that same need deeply divides us from others as we choose to identify with those in our own tribes. Our tendency toward tribalism is increasingly creating a society segregated by ideological enclaves.


The Key to Talent Retention: Treat Employees Like They’re Your Customers

Your customers and your employees are both the bread and butter to your organization, so why would you treat one group better than the other? New research shows that your employees want to be treated just as well as you treat your customers, and if they feel they’re being valued, they’re more likely to stick […]