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Are Your Managers and Supervisors Trained to Deal with Problem Employees?

Courtesy of California Employer Resources®, Marie Burke Kenny, an experienced employment law attorney in San Diego, answers questions with valuable training information about dealing with problem employees. Do you have an overarching piece of advice to give to employers, right off the bat? “Starting right at the interviewing stage, the most important thing employers and […]

Social Media–Badmouthing, NLRB, Privacy

The eight tentacles come from a recent BLR/HRHero-sponsored webinar featuring Patricia Trainor, JD, and Stephen Bruce, PhD. Attorney Trainor is BLR’s Senior Managing Editor, HR; Bruce is editor of the HR Daily Advisor.  [Go here for tentacles 1 to 4.] Tentacle #5—Inappropriate/ Negative Actions Toward the Employer Release of “trade secrets” and other proprietary data […]

Social Media Octopus—The 8 Tentacles That Can Grab You Unawares

Attorney Trainor is BLR’s Senior Managing Editor, HR; Bruce is editor of the HR Daily Advisor. Tentacle #1—Sourcing and Recruiting with Social Media It’s clear that social media is rising as a method of recruiting, and some employers are enjoying great success. However, when you use only one source for finding candidates, there’s always the […]

Top 10: Training Daily Advisor Year in Review

Could Taking on Unpaid Summer Interns Lead to Trouble Under the FLSA? Unpaid internships are viewed universally as great opportunities for students to acquire valuable job skills and experience. However, warns Evelyn Gentry, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, there are downsides for employers that use unpaid interns, the most notable being potential violations of the FLSA. […]

Top 10: Compensation Daily Advisor Year in Review

Never Put These in a Job Description Essential job elements … exposure to physical hazards … pay grade … the list of what should be in a job description is long. But what should you keep OUT of job descriptions? Misclassification: DOL and IRS Declare War Misclassification—calling individuals “independent contractors” or “volunteers” who properly should […]

HRCI Responds to Reader Questions, Announces Two New Certifications

HR Daily Advisor: You have two new certifications—HRBP (HR Business Professional) and HRMP (HR Management Professional). I understand these are mostly for foreign HR people—can you give me some details? HRCI: The HRBP and HRMP are for HR professionals who work outside of the United States and have mastered their country’s HR practices and regulations. […]

Top 7 Training Daily Advisor Articles: Leadership Edition

What Makes an Effective Leader? Leadership is an essential skill for all supervisors and managers. Truly successful supervisors and managers don’t “boss” their employees, they lead them. It’s through effective leadership that employees are motivated to perform at their best. It’s through effective leadership that goals are achieved and your department meets productivity, quality, service, […]

How SPIFs Spawn Whalewatching … and Act Like Drugs

SPIFs are also a little like heroin, Dimisa says: The more you get the more you want, and it’s difficult to kick the habit. It’s hard to take the SPIFFs away. DiMisa is Senior Vice President, Sales Effectiveness Practice Leader for Sibson Consulting, and author of best-selling business book “The Fisherman’s Guide to Selling.” What’s […]

Top 7 Compensation Daily Advisor Articles 2012: Wage & Hour Edition

Unauthorized Overtime–Must Be Paid Even if Forbidden Many employers have written policies prohibiting unauthorized overtime. Such policies are fine—but you still have to pay employees for all hours they work, even if they have repeatedly violated your policy by working the extra hours. Unannounced WHD Inspector on the Way to Your Office? If you’ve got […]

What Does it Take to Be Successful? Ask an Expert

Oswald, CEO of BLR, offered his thoughts on business success in a recent edition of The Oswald Letter. If you want to learn how to throw a great curve ball, Oswald continues, ask someone who throws a wicked curve ball. If you want to know how to bake the perfect chocolate cake, talk to the […]