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Never Put These in a Job Description

Essential job elements … exposure to physical hazards … pay grade … the list of what should be in a job description is long. But what should you keep OUT of job descriptions? Here’s a checklist taken from BLR’s popular Job Descriptions Encyclopedia. How many of these “no-no’s” will you find in your job descriptions? […]

Top 7 Compensation Articles of 2012 from Compensation Daily Advisor

Misclassification: DOL and IRS Declare War Misclassification—calling individuals “independent contractors” or “volunteers” who properly should be employees—is a burgeoning legal battleground for employers. A recent 30-million-dollar suit on behalf of newspaper carriers is a good example of the stakes involved, says attorney Christine V. Walters. Unauthorized Overtime–Must Be Paid Even if Forbidden Many employers have […]

Pay Budgets for 2013–What’s the Plan?

Take the 2012-2013 pay budget survey now. For years, BLR has surveyed HR, compensation, and benefits professionals to get an accurate gauge of pay budget planning. We want to find out how companies like yours are planning for compensation this year and next. Please help by filling out our brief survey; we’ll share the results […]

Compensation Daily Advisor Year in Review

‘I Can’t Live on What You’re Paying Me’ Conversations In a previous Advisor, we covered the basics of dealing with tough compensation questions. Today, more tough questions from a recent BLR webinar featuring Teresa Murphy and David Wudyka. Wage and Hour Mythbusters Wage and hour should be the easiest job in comp, but there are […]

Free Report: The Leave Maze – Managing FMLA, ADA, and Workers’ Compensation Issues

The Compensation Daily Advisor® announced today the release of a free report, The Leave Maze—Managing FMLA, ADA, and Workers’ Compensation Issues, which will help compensation professionals to understand the legal basics of FMLA, ADA, and Workers’ Compensation. The special 42-page report clarifies the most up-to-date changes affecting each law, and pays particular attention to how […]

Free Compensation Report: Market Pricing Versus Job Evaluation: Why Not Both?

The Compensation Daily Advisor® announced today the release of a free report for compensation professionals, Market Pricing Versus Job Evaluation: Why Not Both?, which provides a strategy to help employers integrate job evaluation and market pricing tools. The exclusive special report examines the two tools in tandem – rather than as competing strategies. Market pricing […]

Free Compensation Report: Top 100 FLSA Overtime Q&As

The Compensation Daily Advisor® announced today the release of a free report for compensation professionals, Top 100 FLSA Overtime Q&As. This report provides employers with an examination of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations in Q&A format, including tips for bringing workplaces into compliance in an affordable manner. It will be available […]

Top 10 Must Reads from Compensation Daily Advisor

Flex—’Nice-to-Have’ or Business Imperative?“Flexibility is a business imperative,” says consultant Diane Burrus. It’s not “Nice-to-have,” it’s a results-based business strategy. Her practical tips in today’s Advisor. Catch Me If You Can Compensation? DOL Says ‘I Caught You’Employers can say “Catch me if you can,” but they had better be ready to explain their decisions when […]

Social Media Background Checks—Yes or No?

First of all, what’s the controversy? Con: Checks Are Dangerous   Experts against doing social media background checks say that they are dangerous, for several reasons: In doing these checks, you’re bound to find out information about applicants that you don’t want, such as race, religion, age, etc. Even though it’s obtained innocently, that information […]