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The Return of the Nard Dog

Litigation Value: $0. Though there is all sorts of questionable stuff going on, none of it should expose Dunder Mifflin itself to any claims or liability. In tonight’s episode, “Couples Discount,” no one really covers themselves in glory.  You’ve got The Office denizens seeking to goof off one last time before Andy returns, and pretending […]

If David Wallace is Back, Can Michael Scott Be Far Behind?

Well, of course not. Steve Carell is much too much of a star now to make the move back to TV. (Quick: Can you name the actor who portrays David Wallace? Neither could I. His name is Andy Buckley.) Nevertheless, and as much as I love Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, it’s fun to think […]

Welcome Back, Wallace

While this blogger is sad to bid farewell to Robert California, the news of David Wallace’s return to the company is certainly exciting. In honor of his triumphant return as CEO of Dunder Mifflin, below is a list of my favorite Wallace moments. 1. The basketball game at Wallace’s house. After Wallace and Jim sneak […]

Mergers & Aggravations

Litigation Value: Whatever it is, David Wallace should pray that he’s not on the hook for it. My colleagues and I have written on this blog about all of the costly potential lawsuits the Scranton branch has spawned since Sabre acquired Dunder Mifflin. Let’s assume some of these incidents have become actual lawsuits alleging discrimination […]

Going for Broke

Litigation Value: $0 – 300,000 Well, it didn’t take long for the Michael Scott Paper Company to go broke. Surprisingly, it wasn’t because of any judgments for sexual harassment, unfair competition, or defamation.  Not surprisingly, it was because of irresponsible pricing. During its short tenure, Michael’s company could have been sued several times.  Unfortunately, it […]