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How HR can help employees overwhelmed by holiday stress

by Michael G. McCourt We now are fully involved in the crush of festivities and holiday shopping that traditionally mark the beginning of the sprint to New Year’s Eve. This is the season of peace on earth and good will toward our fellow man, right? Not always. A Challenging Season The holidays have the uncanny […]

Ain’t no cure for the holiday blues

It’s that time of year again: caroling, Charlie Brown, trees, mistletoe, shopping, and family. All the good stuff, right? For most people, that’s true. But for some people, the holidays are a time of sorrow and loneliness. And for people with clinical depression, they can be especially trying. As an employer, you’re in a bit […]

Pressure To Resign Following Postpartum Depression? Bad Idea

A spa director sued for pregnancy discrimination after she allegedly was pressured to resign following her leave for postpartum depression. The employer asked the court to compel arbitration in accordance with an arbitration provision in the employment application. Was the arbitration agreement enforceable?

Employees Have a Duty to Reveal Serious Health Conditions under FMLA

by Chris LaRose In a decision issued August 25, the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the trial court properly threw out an employee’s Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) case. The lawsuit stemmed from the employee’s demotion after four unexcused absences. The employee argued that his absences should have been considered FMLA […]

Depression: Can We Fire a Depressed Employee Who’s Not Up to Par?

We have an employee who just got divorced, and lately he’s been coming to work late and cutting out early. His work is suffering, too—he’s making lots of careless mistakes and has been short with our customers, not to mention picking fights with his co-workers. While he used to be a better employee than he […]