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News Notes: Worker’s Naps May Indicate Need For FMLA Leave

After four years of exemplary employment, John Byrne, an Avon Products Inc. engineer, began to fall asleep on the job and was fired. It turned out he was suffering from depression. He was quickly hospitalized and recovered. Byrne charged in a lawsuit his termination violated the Family and Medical Leave Act because his abrupt change […]

Family And Medical Leave: Court Rules On When Workers Can Take Leave To Offer Psychological Care For Ailing Family Members

A new ruling from the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals focuses on a little-known provision of the Family and Medical Leave Act that permits employees to take leave to provide psychological comfort and assistance to family members with serious physical or mental illnesses. We”ll explain the court’s ruling.

Workplace Security: You Can Take Preventive Action Against Unstable Employees Who Pose A Workplace Threat

Managing employees with mental disabilities can be challenging—especially when the workers pose a threat to others’ safety. If you take preemptive action, you can get sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but if you don’t, you risk the tragic consequences of a violent incident. Two recent cases provide guidance on how to handle potentially […]

Mental Disabilities And The ADA: Is Employee Who Abandons Job Entitled To A Second Chance?

One of your employees fails to return to work following a leave. Despite repeated attempts to contact her, you hear nothing and receive no explanation for her continued absence. Finally, you terminate her. But then she turns around and sues you for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, claiming she was having a manic depressive […]

Mental Disabilities And The ADA: EEOC Issues New Employer Guidelines

A worker is easily distracted and has trouble concentrating on what he’s doing. A supervisor is hostile and rude to co-workers. Another employee can’t seem to get to work on time and frequently appears groggy and withdrawn. You may think you have clear grounds for discipline or termination in situations such as these, but be […]

News Notes: ADA Doesn’t Require Transfer To New Boss To Reduce Stress

A new court decision says the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) doesn’t require you to transfer an employee because of a bad working relationship with a supervisor. Sherrylen Weiler, a Household Finance Corp. manager, claimed she became disabled by depression, stress and anxiety following a performance review in which her supervisor raised his voice and […]