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Finance Isn’t Automating Fast Enough: HR’s Role in Accelerating Digital Adoption

From credit risk intelligence and anti-money laundering to fraud detection and compliance, AI and automation have become integral in financial operations. And research has shown that AI has helped companies yield more accurate business models, gain a competitive advantage, and increase their annual revenues. But according to a new study by Creditsafe, most finance teams […]

5 Skills That Will Define CX Leadership for the Next Decade

We’re all consumers and have a seemingly endless choice of brands to shop and engage with, but what really makes customers loyal and coming back for more are the experiences they have. So when we think about the customer experience (CX), we think of traditional sales and marketing touch points along the customer journey. However, […]


Empathetic Technology: What Makes Frontline Tech Tick

An obvious but often ignored theme of workplace technology is that its business impact depends on the extent of its adoption. For those relying on technology to get their jobs done, dissatisfaction with existing solutions may impact not only performance but also attrition. In fact, “49% of US workers say they are likely to leave […]

Future Workforce: 5 Tips for Dealing with Digital Disruption in 2019

All throughout 2018, we reported on the record low unemployment rates, which resulted in massive hiring challenges for employers across the nation. While artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have made recruiters lives easier, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that getting a job these days is still tough for many jobseekers.