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Digital Training Can’t Afford to Be Seen as a Luxury

COVID-19 forced many organizations to pivot to digital learning within a matter of days. In March, most thought they’d be offering instructor-led courses again in a few months. Now, we’ve realized COVID-19 isn’t going away—it’s our new normal.


Digital Learning a Critical Tool in Ongoing Pandemic

Learning and development experts have advised implementing at least some digital learning as part of any organization’s training strategy for quite some time. The pandemic has shown that many organizations have not taken that advice seriously, as many scrambled to find training solutions that work in a remote workplace. I recently spoke to an expert […]

Can Creativity Be Taught?

In an effort to understand the top skills companies are looking for in prospective candidates this year, LinkedIn conducted a massive analysis of hundreds of thousands of job posts. As it turns out, employers are looking far beyond soft and technical skills when searching for new talent.


Want to Use Digital to Improve Your Team’s Learning? Here’s How to Start

Employees do their best when their learning programs are active, engaging, and integrated into their work. Yet, too many are not receiving the training they need. According to Deloitte, just 34% of employees are satisfied with their organization’s handling of skills training.