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Evolving Voluntary Benefits Can Address Burgeoning Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Obviously, COVID-19 has changed everything over the last couple weeks. Travel has been cut down. Restaurants, malls, and theaters are shuttering. The markets are down. And, as you might guess, all this takes a heavy toll on your employees. It’s a stressful time for them in many ways, and that will most likely contribute to […]

Do You Provide Disability Insurance?

Does your organization provide short- and long-term disability insurance for employees? If not, is this something the organization has considered adding to your benefit package?

Independent School Maintains Employee Benefits Despite Recession

Like so many other employers, The Bolles School grappled with how to cut expenses when the recession hit. The organization looked for ways to operate more efficiently and, in fact, cut many expenses. But it made a conscious decision not to reduce or cut certain coveted employee benefits, including 100% employer-paid medical insurance premiums, 100% […]

The Quiet Crisis: Disability Insurance ‘Coverage Gaps’ for Executives

by David Kates, Lenox Advisors Employee benefits professionals should be aware that while their company’s top executives are well protected via their life insurance coverage and retirement plans, these same executives could be woefully exposed in their disability insurance coverage. Often, a company’s top earners have coverage that isn’t up to the task of protecting […]