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Are You Accidentally Discriminating Against People with Disabilities?

Discriminating against people with disabilities is illegal and there are many state and federal laws that serve to shield this protected group from discriminatory practices. While there are always going to be those bad actors that purposefully discriminate against people with disabilities, new research shows widespread accidental discrimination occurring because of a simple oversight: career […]

Workplace Violence and the ADA

Imagine for a moment the employee who seems just a little off — having disproportionate negative reactions to criticism, having strange obsessions with weapons or death, being unusually hot-tempered, demanding, or controlling, or having other odd or erratic behaviors. Now imagine that despite the employee’s peculiarity, he’s an above-average worker and his job performance is […]

Custodian Cleans Up After Employer’s Improper Consideration of FMLA Leave

Although employment decisions are often based on one specific incident or reason, such as poor work performance, many decisions stem from several causes. If an employee challenges a termination, a demotion, or another adverse action that was taken for two or more reasons, only one of which is illegal, will the employer be liable? The […]