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Tips for Combating Drug or Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace is obviously a serious concern. Not only could the employee be putting him- or herself at a health risk, he or she may also be putting other employees at a safety risk. And, of course, there’s a concern of reduced performance and productivity. Let’s take a look at […]

Divorce and the unproductive employee

by Kathryn M. Grigg Employees are not the only ones who suffer through a divorce. Employers also bear the cost of an employee’s divorce through absenteeism and reduced productivity. This article addresses some benefits and support programs you can provide at minimal cost to maintain a productive workforce. Costs of divorce The amount of time […]

Workplace violence: Using threat assessment to reduce risk

Workplace violence—it’s a subject so difficult and so frightening that employers may feel paralyzed when considering how to prevent it. If someone is showing violent tendencies, an employer may want to fire the employee to remove the threat. But what if that’s the action that triggers more rage, worsening the risk instead of reducing it? […]

Workplace Stress Is Dangerous: 10 Ways to Help Your Employees Deal with It

May is Mental Health Month, and human resources professionals should know that workplace stress remains high. According to a recent survey, 62 percent of employees report high levels of stress leading to extreme fatigue and feeling out of control. The consequences are serious, but we’ve got 10 tips that can help your employees cope.

Learning from tragedy–depression and mental health in the workplace

This past week, the entertainment world lost one of its best and brightest to an apparent suicide. Robin Williams, who brought laughter to so many for so long, took his own life at the age of 63. So much has been written about his talent over the past week that it’s difficult to understand or […]