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5 Tips for HR Managers Hiring in the New Reality

COVID-19 drastically changed the global employment landscape—and it changed it quickly. Within a matter of months, there were more than 20 million Americans seeking unemployment benefits. It is clear that rebuilding during the economic downturn and getting Americans back to work will be a long, hard climb.

Sharing the pain: Do economic conditions count?

by Clayton Jones Does a poor economy mean a shorter reasonable notice period? Canadian employers often ask this question—particularly in cyclical industries. When assessing reasonable notice, courts will consider the employee’s position and responsibilities, length of service, age, and the availability of similar employment. Not only has it been unusual for courts to consider negative […]

Did HP’s Board Make the Right Call?

When a colleague suggested I write about Hewlett Packard’s firing of CEO Mark Hurd, I wasn’t sure there was anything of value to say about this situation. But on further reflection I think there is a clear lesson in all of this. You might recall that on August 6, Hurd resigned under pressure from HP’s […]