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Training for EI Can Make Your Workers Happier

Emotional intelligence (EI) addresses specific components of one’s self, including self-awareness, personal reflection, and the development of human interaction. It gives an individual the ability to read the environment, understand how and why he or she and others react, and craft a response.


Empathy, Compassion, and EI Wanted

Soft skills and emotional intelligence are required to succeed in many of today’s most in-demand positions, yet the focus when recruiting for these jobs is often elsewhere.

Focusing on Employees’ Emotional Intelligence to Build a Successful Company

By Lori LaCivita, PhD, Walden University’s School of Psychology While today’s multigenerational workforce is positioned to be one of the most effective and productive, the generational differences in values, beliefs, leadership styles, and motivators can also lead to conflicts that negatively affect productivity. As four generations now work side by side, industrial and organizational (I-O) […]

4 More 21st Century Learning Skills You and Your Employees Need to Know

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed how the “old smart” isn’t good enough for the modern workplace, and went over the first three 21st century learning skills you need to be successful in a tech-driven world. Today, we look at the last four skills you need. To recap: With the influx of technology into the way […]

Employee Benefits in Canada Versus United States

"In Canada, the government provides minimum protection to Canadians that find themselves in certain circumstances, such as when they're ill, unemployed, on maternity leave or parental leave, or even retired. However . . . government plans are often insufficient and therefore they will be supplemented by private plans that are offered by employers." Emilie Paquin-Holmested […]