Tag: Election 2010

South Dakota Voters Just Say No to Medical Marijuana

By Jane Pfeifle Though a similar measure was narrowly defeated in 2006, this year South Dakota resoundingly rejected Initiative 13, which called for the legalization of medical marijuana. As a result employers can breathe a sigh of relief because the measure raised numerous questions about how they might be called on to respond to employees […]

What Maine Election Results Mean for Employers

By Daniel C. Stockford While voters handily reelected both of Maine’s Democratic representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives, a sea change occurred at the state level as the governorship and the legislature apparently have switched from Democratic to Republican control. In a surprisingly close governor’s race, Republican Paul LePage appears to have narrowly held […]

Coloradans Reject Anti-Health Care Reform Initiative

By Tobie Hazard On Election Day, Colorado voters rejected Amendment 63, the Health Care Choice Act, which would have amended the Colorado Constitution to prohibit the state from requiring a person to obtain health care. The ballot initiative was intended to thwart President Barack Obama’s federal health care law signed last March, which requires almost […]

What Tennessee Election Results Mean for Employers

By John B. Phillips, Jr. After the midterm elections, Tennessee’s congressional delegation will be made up of seven Republicans and two Democrats, a net gain of two seats for the GOP. Tuesday’s election continues Tennessee’s move toward a solid-red Republican state. Both U.S. Senators are Republicans, though neither was up for election this year. In […]