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Organizational Development? Start with the Janitor, says Al Gore

Challenge # 4: Organization Development [Go here for challenges 1 to 3.] Gore worked on the "reinventing government" program at the country’s largest employer, the US Government. He says the key to finding better ways of doing things is to start at the bottom. His teams met first with the janitors and worked their way […]

Appraisals: Not Legally Required, But Legally Recommended

Don’t tell the CEO who wants to terminate without documentation, "You can’t terminate." Say, "If there is a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for this termination, you can do it, but in the absence of documentation, there is substantial risk. I would prefer not to be married to this employee in lengthy litigation. Maybe if we do […]

How to Incentivize Your Best Salespeople … to Leave

Is your sales compensation program actually sabotaging your results? It probably is, if it’s guilty of the frequently committed faux pas detailed below. They’re from Alan McAnally, sales consultant and president of Andover, Massachusetts-based SalesComp America, in an article on the company’s website. We’ve abstracted the gist of these sales force killers here. Killer #1. […]

4 Steps to Thaw Pay Freezes

“I think what we’re going to see is that where there were takeaways or freezes, the money is going to be given back, but not across the board,” says Dorf, who is Managing Director of Compensation Resources, Inc. “Companies are doing it on a much more discrete basis, targeted to those employees who have really […]