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You Must Communicate Effectively About Compensation

Yesterday, we got some insights from Chuck Csizmar of CMC Compensation Group about the importance of having a formal compensation strategy document at your organization. Today, we’ll look at the rest of his “Top 8” list of design considerations, plus some final strategies for success.

Why You Need a Compensation Strategy Document

You may already have a mission statement in place at your organization. But do you have a formal compensation strategy document—a comp-specific mission statement, in other words? You need one, says Chuck Csizmar of CMC Compensation Group. Read on to find out why.

Perks, Insurance, and Atypical Benefits–How Do You Compare?

Beyond health insurance and retirement benefits (covered in previous surveys), the number one perk provided by the employers responding to our survey was paid holidays, with 91% percent of them offering it. Other highlights: Flextime is offered by 53% of respondents. About 33% relax their dress code in the summer, at least for some employees. […]

Fridays-Off Policy Is Favorite Summertime Perk for Employees

One of Friedman, LLP’s best recruiting tools is a policy giving employees Fridays off during the summertime, according to Michael Gaines, Human Resources partner for the New York-based accounting, tax, and consulting services firm. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, all 325 staff members in Friedman’s (www.friedmanllp.com) four offices in New York City, New Jersey, […]