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How to Create an Employee Rewards and Recognition Policy

Companies implement policies to define the rules of an organization and shape future decisions with a thought-out framework. They help employees make day-to-day decisions that lead to overall cohesion and success. These policies guide many aspects of running a business, from how employees are expected to behave to ways they should be rewarded.

45% of Companies Do Not Have a Written Strategy for Recognition Programs

According to the latest Trends in Employee Recognition report released by WorldatWork, 75% of the 600+ professionals surveyed believe that their recognition programs are successful, but only 45% have a written strategy for their recognition programs. Only 14% say that their organizations trains managers on recognition practices. This, says Strategic Consultant and blogger Derek Irvine, […]

Customized Rewards Cards Bring Increased Appreciation

In some ways, a company is an impersonal entity. But more than that, it is a group of individuals, each with their own needs, wants, and motivations. How can you ever hope to set up an employee rewards program that speaks to each employee individually? David Jones, CEO of Card Lab Inc. (www.cardlabcorp.com), says large […]