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Thank Goodness It’s Friday … Or Not

Once a week, there’s bound to be someone in your office who rejoices, “Thank goodness, it’s Friday!” This statement is usually proclaimed after workers have suffered through a long, grueling workweek and are getting prepared for the weekend. However, a new study from HappyOrNot shows that Friday may not be the happiest day of the […]

Employee Goal-Setting Tips

Setting appropriate employee goals is an important component of keeping the workforce productive and motivated. It can also affect retention since clear expectations are a critical component of employee satisfaction levels. And organizations that opt to implement pay-for-performance programs have an added layer of accountability by putting a piece of the employee’s compensation on the […]

3 Ways to Make Employee Interactions More Proactive and Positive

By Evan Hackel, CEO of Tortal Training and Ingage Consulting As an HR manager or compliance officer, do you sometimes feel that most of your job is telling people what they cannot do, what they cannot have . . . and even worse, what you cannot do for them?