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Compare Your Training Stats to Our Annual Survey

Training Methods Our survey shows the following methods used regularly for training employees. In the coming years, 86% expect to use more online training, and 68% plan to utilize more in-person sessions conducted by the HR staff. More video/DVD and mobile/tablet-based materials will be used by 51%, and more telephone/audio conferences will be utilized by […]

Cover These 5 ‘Rs’ in Your Antiharassment Training

Creating an expectation that employees will treat one another with respect and clearly identifying unacceptable work behaviors should be the focus of an employer’s policies and training to avoid harassment in the workplace, says Jonathan Segal, a partner in the law firm of Duane Morris, LLP. Segal also says that employers should create policies that […]

Train Supervisors to Ask the Right Questions

There are many legal issues employers face during the interview process. Job interviews are a potential legal land mine for discrimination complaints and lawsuits. Numerous federal laws prohibit discrimination in hiring practices, including the interview process. For example: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, commonly known as Title VII, is the grandparent of employment discrimination […]

How Training Can Help a Nontraditional Business Model Succeed

Guest columnist, Ryan O’Connell, confesses at HR.BLR.com® that sometimes it’s necessary to strip away all the preconceived notions about how to succeed in an industry, reshuffle roles, and take an untraditional approach to change things for the better. That’s even true—maybe especially true—in industries as steeped in tradition as winemaking. At NakedWines.com, O’Connell says his […]

Train Your Workers on These Ergonomic Best Practices

Professional ergonomist Kevin Butler recently penned an article on our sister site, HR.BLR.com®, regarding the latest up-to-date information on how employees can improve well-being in their workspaces. Click the “yesterday’s Advisor” link in the first paragraph for the first half of Butler’s advice. Here are the last three ergonomic tips from Butler: 3. Sitting up […]

How to Use Storytelling to Help Your Training Stick

At the recent American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) 2014 International Conference and Exposition—at which the Society changed its name to the “Association for Talent Development” (ATD)—father and son team, Gerry Beamish of Beamish Associates and Jonathan Beamish of Accenture, presented an informative program, “Cave Wall to Internet: Storytelling, the Ancient Learning Art.” They […]

Include Customer Harassment in Your Harassment Training

According to a recent article on HR.BLR.com, you might want to incorporate a recent court case, which involved accusations of ongoing sexual and racial harassment by a customer, into your training on harassment. For the details of the case, click here. What the court said The appeals court majority reversed on the hostile work environment […]

Train Your People on These 6 Steps of Progressive Discipline

The information in today’s issue first appeared on HR.BLR.com. Six Steps in Progressive Discipline Customize the steps in this training outline to your own progressive discipline system to ensure your employees know how progressive discipline works in your organization. 1. Informal meetings and oral reprimands Used for minor and first offenses, such as: —Tardiness —Smoking […]

Another Case for Training Managers and Winning Lawsuits

Woods is a shareholder in the Greenville, South Carolina office of law firm Ogletree Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC. His remarks came at BLR®’s annual National Employment Law Update. Employer’s Failure Allows FMLA Claim To Go Forward The Story: A newspaper receptionist, who was allegedly fired for violation of her employer’s attendance policy, had […]