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Why Meaningful Learning Can Yield Meaningful Results

In 2022, with the average employee focusing on any 1 task for just 3 minutes, employers must find ways to make information fresh and fun and steer away from the traditional dry lectures and draining assessments. Additionally, in a recent study, nearly 55% of respondents indicated that a people strategy with a solid training process […]

Don’t Forget the Chat Feature on Videoconferencing Tools

Teams engaged in external calls with customers, vendors, business partners, or others should leverage the built-in chat features present in most videoconferencing tools to help recreate some of the in-person conversation from the pre-COVID days. Sidebar Conversations in a COVID World While many are enjoying the freedom and flexibility that come with working remotely, when […]


Multi-Skilling During the Great Resignation

The challenges of the Great Resignation are certainly not lost on employers, few of which expect any kind of turnaround in the near future. According to a new survey by Willis Towers Watson (WTW), 83% of employers expect to have problems attracting employees in 2022 compared with 62% that reported such difficulty in the first […]


Training on Basic IT Skills

Anyone who’s worked in an office has likely been hindered by frustrating technical challenges. Connectivity issues, forgotten passwords, or frozen computers always seem to pop up frequently when work is particularly abundant or when deadlines are fast approaching. Even on a normal day, downtime from technical issues is both annoying and costly. The High Costs […]


The Importance of Providing Employees with Uptraining Opportunities

Many companies are operating with a tighter budget in the wake of the pandemic. As such, business leaders have to make priority-driven decisions about how to spend their money, and where to allocate resources. This might lead some managers and decision-makers to skip uptraining opportunities for their employees in 2022. After all, your employees already […]

How Employees Can Integrate Mindfulness at Work and Its impact on Chronic Pain

Since the pandemic first began, anxiety and stress levels have skyrocketed across the nation. It’s been a struggle for many people who have had to deal with job losses, social dislocation, and the deaths of loved ones. Worse yet, it’s exacerbated another insidious problem we’ve already been dealing with for years: drug overdose deaths from […]


Your Guide to Training Employees on Customer Centricity

The term “customer centricity” is front of mind for HR and C-suite executives across a wide range of industries these days. The business world has traditionally followed the conventional wisdom that “the customer is king.” But today, many progressive companies are taking this much further, moving to prioritize customer centricity as a central pillar of […]

Tips for Training Employees Against Cyberattacks

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every area of our pre-pandemic “normal” lives including more telework, a surging demand for toilet paper, and a shrinking workforce, just to name a few. Almost no industry has been spared when it comes to the contagious disease’s impact. In particular, cyberattacks are on the rise in nearly every […]

Does the ‘Praise in Public, Correct in Private’ Logic Apply to E-Mail?

Public shaming was once a legitimate means of sharing examples of undesirable behavior to the broader group. Whether it was branding an adulterer with a scarlet letter in puritanical times or the more recent practice of hardline managers who dress down underperforming employees in front of the team, the idea is that public correction or […]

Why Hard Work Alone Isn’t Always Enough to Get Ahead

From a young age, we’re taught that one of the best ways, if not the best way, to get ahead is simply to work hard. Hard work pays off. Much effort yields much prosperity. And to a certain point, this is true. Those who put in the time and effort often succeed in academia, securing […]