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Make employee training worth it, not wasteful

by Brad Federman British-Canadian author Elizabeth Thornton once said, “Objective leaders identify their unproductive mental models and tweak them for greater effectiveness.” The same can be said for employers and employees.  Say some of your employees are working less than efficiently. You decide that the solution is to send them to a training session. When […]

EEOC report calls for reboot of employer antiharassment efforts

by Leslie Silverman Over a 15-month period, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Commissioners Victoria Lipnic and Chai Feldblum led a task force focused on understanding and preventing workplace harassment. On June 20, 2016, Commissioners Lipnic and Feldblum released a final report and recommendations based on their experience leading the EEOC task force.  Task force and […]

Chris Rock’s #OscarsSoWhite monologue: Don’t try this at work

The glitz, glamour, and celebratory nature of last night’s Academy Awards were dimmed by the ongoing controversy about the total lack of racial diversity among Oscar contenders for the last two years. In response, Chris Rock delivered a scathing monologue criticizing the Academy and its members, the large majority of whom are white and male. […]

Survey shows HR plays key role in employer training efforts

Few dispute the importance of developing a workforce full of well-trained employees. But no matter how carefully workers are recruited and hired, most employers realize not everybody lands in a new job with all the skills and knowledge the employer desires. And certainly longtime employees can’t be expected to stay on top of their game […]

The naked truth about nude celebrities in your workplace

Celebrities lately seem to be having a hard time keeping their clothes on. Whether it’s one of the Kardashian sisters baring her bottom or Keira Knightley baring her bosom, you can hardly look at any social media site these days without being assaulted by celebrities in various degrees of naked-idity, as Radar O’Reilly once called […]