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Mentors also Benefit from Mentorship Programs

Millennials are flooding the workplace and now make up a majority of the entire workforce. And over 60% of them want and expect mentors or are already benefiting from having one. So, you’ll want to consider implementing a viable mentorship program to attract and retain top talent in the years to come.


Survey: Human Interaction Increases Benefits Engagement

A new survey conducted among HR and benefits managers on employee benefits engagement and utilization has found that despite the ongoing growth of technology, employees desire personalized, human interaction.


Developing an Effective Training Strategy

Employee training is an essential function for many businesses and most large busisnesses have a formal training function in place. Those that don’t would be well advised to consider one; in fact, even smaller organizations can benefit. Where do you start?


Bad Training Is Devastating

Effective training can have significant, positive impacts on a company’s bottom line, and we encourage all organizations to implement training programs for their employees. However, it is not the case that some training is always better than no training. In fact, poor training can be extremely counterproductive.


Helping the Workforce Through Four Tough Scenarios

Businesses go through tough times, as do the individuals who populate them. Without the right approach from HR representatives and business leaders, things can quickly spin out of control and lead to irreversible damage. Here, we select four challenging scenarios and offer tips and advice on how you can maintain motivation among the workforce.


Are Employees More Engaged?

A new report finds that global employee engagement levels, which took a slight dip in 2016, jumped back to an all-time high in 2017.