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The State of HR: How a Decade Changed the Workplace

A lot has changed in the workplace over the last 10 years. Millennials—whom 10 years ago were barely old enough to work—now make up a vast majority of the workplace. Technology has made communication much easier, but also more burdensome with the ability to “always be on.” And then there’s the Affordable Care Act … […]

Best Practices for Successful Reverse Mentoring Programs

What are some best practices to ensure success with reverse mentoring? As with any mentoring relationship, it is important to educate employees in advance about their roles, to create a plan up front for the mentoring partnership (e.g., what the mentee wants to learn, how frequently the mentor and mentee will meet), and to follow […]

3 Tips When Firing an Employee

Firing an employee is never an easy task, no matter how well documented the problem is, and no matter how well thought out the decision has been. It’s a decision that comes with high emotions on all sides. Firing an employee can cause stress for everyone involved, not just for the individual being fired. Many […]

Revamping Outdated Relocation Programs to Retain Employees

by Donna Koppensteiner, SVP of Business Development at Runzheimer Now more than ever, relocating top performers is a crucial way for companies to grow their operations. Whether you’re moving employees to lead new geographic expansion efforts or to take charge of long-term, on-site engagements with valuable clients, relocation is an important part of running any […]

How to Help Employees Get the Most from Performance Reviews

by Ron DeCamella, director of Learning for Namely The performance review—what was once a staple of the workplace has become a heated debate in HR. While some stand by them as the traditional way to measure performance, others argue that they’re not effective at all.