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4 Benefits of Effective Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions may seem to be an onerous task, but if done well, there can be many benefits for your organization. “Unfortunately, not all hiring managers and companies value a well-developed job description. So, it’s critical to understand the rewards – along with the mitigating risks as they apply to federal, state and local […]

EEOC Receives Record Number of Discrimination Complaints

Employees filed a record number of discrimination charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission this year, according to a report released by the enforcement agency. The 99,947 charges received account for all claims of discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, religion, age and disability, as well as claims filed under the Equal Pay […]

EEOC to Discuss Leave as an Accommodation

Want to learn more about the use of leave as an accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act? The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity will discuss the topic at a meeting next week. In implementing and enforcing the ADA, the commission makes clear that leave may be a required workplace accommodation for employees with disabilities. In […]

EEO Training Makes Economic Sense Even in the Worst of Times

By Sam R. Fulkerson According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 93,277 workplace discrimination charges were filed nationwide during 2009 ― the second-highest level ever ― and monetary relief obtained for victims totaled more than $376 million. The 2009 data show that private-sector job bias charges alleging discrimination based on disability, religion, and national […]

News Flash: Federal Contractors Pay Out Record Discrimination Penalties

According to a new U.S. Department of Labor report, thegovernment collected a record $41 million from federal contractors last year for victims of discrimination. This was up from just over $35 million in 1998. The report also discloses the DOL’s plans to increase the number of government contractors in compliance with equal employment opportunity laws […]