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Kimberly Gatling on Making Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Sustainable

Kimberly Bullock Gatling understands the importance of support from the top when working to make an organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts sustainable. And it’s more than just getting backing from leadership. It’s also like running a marathon—it takes patience, persistence, and commitment.


Ways HR Can Support Web Accessibility for a Remote Workforce

Web accessibility is a vital component of workplace equity and one frequently neglected in the conversation following the pandemic workforce shift. Now, employers are seeking remote solutions to their workplace needs, but accessibility often goes unaddressed.

Melinda Wolfe on What’s Essential to Improving Workplace Diversity

Melinda Wolfe has seen employers make important strides in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) over the years, but she’s also seen setbacks. And she’s learned that to avoid setbacks and continue progress, employers have to be open to change and make systematic improvements to policies and practices in the workplace.

Belonging Means Asking Employees to Be Who They Are

When it comes to creating great diversity, you have to balance the overall drive for diversity with equity and inclusion. According to this issue’s interviewee, the best diversity programs don’t ask employees to fit in; they create spaces for people to be themselves.