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How to Score Top Talent in 2018

How do you get top talent in 2018? We at BLR are always trying to get you the latest information on critical topics like this. At 1:00 pm EST we will be conducting a free webinar, Top 6 Tactics Every Recruiter Should Implement to Score Star Talent in 2018. Read on to learn more about […]

When Good Interviewers Go Bad…Postcards from a Retired Recruiter

By Kim Seeling Smith “Have you even read my resume?” she asked the interviewer. Sheepishly, he had to admit he had not. He tried to dig himself out of this hole saying that he “liked to approach the interview process with an open mind” and that he “preferred for the candidate to walk through their […]

Supervisors Are Critical to Safety and Health Compliance

In a BLR® webinar titled “OSHA Inspection: How to Prepare for a Surprise Visit and Minimize your Liability Risks,” Tracy L. Moon Jr., a practicing partner at Fisher & Phillips, LLP in Atlanta, and an authorized OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer, explained the importance of supervisor engagement in and ownership of safety and health compliance. […]

What Are the Typical Obstacles to an Effective Safety and Health Program?

After evaluating the safety and health program in your business, it’s time to work toward solutions for any of the issues, obstacles, and problems that arose during the evaluation. Typically, there are certain obstacles facing the management and supervisors of this plan. And those tend to differ from those that the employees working under the […]

When Non-Exempts Travel, Comp Gets Confusing

Travel by non-exempts outside the normal area brings two different sets of rules into play. (As we mentioned yesterday, exempt employees are expected to work as and when the job requires.) Special Assignment in a Different Location When an employee who regularly works at a fixed location in one city is given a special one-day […]

Peer Group ‘Arms Race’ for Executive Pay?

Peer Group ‘Arms Race’  Boyd, a researcher at Boston-based compensation consultant Equilar, says that pay ratcheting is a concern when companies compare themselves to their peer group. “For instance, you decide to set your CEO’s pay above the median of the peer group. Then other companies see that figure and want to set their CEO […]