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FMLA confusion: Employers grapple with forced leave, pay for reduced schedule

Questions regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can get tricky. For example, if an employee is off work because of a medical condition, can the employer start the FMLA clock ticking even if the employee doesn’t want his time off counted against his FMLA leave allotment? And what about an exempt employee who […]

Duties more important than titles when determining eligibility for overtime

by Marc Ouellet The issue of overtime has become a major concern for employers in the wake of class actions on the subject in Canada. The Québec Act Respecting Labour Standards (ALS) provides exemptions from the right to overtime including for employees in managerial positions. In Skiba v. Playground, L.P., the Court of Appeal of […]

U.S. Supreme Court rules drug reps are exempt as “outside salesmen”

By Nancy Williams Pharmaceutical representatives who persuade physicians to prescribe specific drugs don’t make any actual sales. They can’t because the products they promote can be sold legally only through a doctor’s prescription to an individual patient. Yet for years, it has been a common industry practice to categorize such employees as outside sales representatives […]

Adopt a Formal Flextime Policy

Employment law attorney Robert P. Tinnin, Jr., answers an HR practitioner’s question about improving a flextime program that has become unmanageable.

Legal Issues When Reducing Employees’ Hours, Wages

by Kara Shea We’ve received many questions lately from employers facing tremendous pressure to reduce their operating expenses. Some proposed cost-cutting efforts implicate various employment laws. Since things may get worse before they get better, I’m undertaking a series of articles to address some of the issues you may encounter in the months ahead. I’ll […]