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Fast Company’s Best Business Books of 2009

These are the best business books of 2009, as ranked by Fast Company. 1.In CHEAP We Trust: The Story of a Misunderstood American Virtue by Lauren Weber. This history of frugality in America–why it’s been stigmatized and whether there’s a sustainable alternative to a purely consumption-based economy–is consistently surprising and clever. A very worthwhile indulgence. […]

When Employee Privacy and Social Media Collide

By Lyne Duhaime An IBM employee from Quebec made headlines last month when her disability benefits were cut off by the insurance company after it saw pictures of her on Facebook. Despite being off work for depression, the employee had posted photos of herself on vacation at the beach and at a Chippendale’s show. When […]

Why Employers Can’t Ignore Social Networking Sites

Over the last several years, social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter have evolved to the point where most employees use at least one, if not several, of them throughout each day. Social networking sites provide an easily accessible medium for individuals to stay in contact with friends, colleagues, clients, prospective clients, and […]

The Facebook Generation: Social Networking and the Hiring Process

Imagine that you’re a hiring representative for your employer (in this case, a Burger King restaurant), and you’ve just discovered how to use MySpace. You decide to check the profiles of the employees who work the midnight shift. While perusing one employee’s profile, you notice a link to a video. As you click on it, […]

Facing Up to Facebook and Other Social Networking Web Sites in the Workplace

by Brian Smeenk What if one of your employees reports to you he is very upset about what a coworker (“John”) wrote in a social networking web site about their boss? The statements are false and injure the boss’ reputation. If seen widely, they would be hurtful to the boss’ family. You are shown the […]

The Truth about Profiting from Social Networking

M. Lee Smith Web Editor Wendi Watts reviews the book The Truth about Profiting from Social Networking by Patrice-Anne Rutledge.  How to use Facebook and other social media websites to communicate with employees, customers, and coworkers. Regardless of whether you are a Facebook addict or are challenged to add an attachment to an email, if […]