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Beware of Favoritism in the Hiring and Promotion Process

A federal appellate court recently allowed a discrimination case against an employer to proceed to trial because the hiring manager spent extra time with one of the candidates. Audit your hiring policies and practices with the Employment Practices Self-Audit Workbook Facts William Snooks started work as a customer activities specialist for Duquesne Light Company (DLC) […]

Giving Accurate Performance Evaluations

Seasons greetings! It’s that time of year again. No, we aren’t talking about shopping ’til you drop, New Year’s resolutions, or holiday parties (at least not in this article). It’s time to start thinking about employee performance evaluations. Evaluate your employment practices, including performance evaluations, with the Employment Practices Self-Audit Workbook A gift that keeps […]

Nepotism and Its Dangers in the Workplace

Workers who are the most innovative or productive or those who possess visionary leadership are inevitably propelled to the top. That’s the image many of us have of the workplace. In reality, the practice of favoring and promoting relatives or paramours, more commonly known as nepotism, is widely practiced in companies large and small across […]