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3 Avoidable Errors That Could Upend Your Employees’ Retirement Plans

As older Americans approach retirement, many may be realizing their financial planning isn’t what it should have been. That could mean they need to postpone retirement—or abandon the idea altogether. “Most people don’t spend much time even thinking about retirement,” says Stephen Ng, founder and president of Stephen Ng Financial Group. Ng is also the […]

Perks—Do Yours Measure Up? Who’s Offering What?

Help us find out! Please participate in our brief survey and see how what you are doing stacks up against what other successful companies are doing. Who’s offering what perks out in the real world? Wellness Life, Accident, Pet Insurance? Flex, Child care, Telecommuting? Financial Planning, Legal Assistance, EAP? Tuition Reimbursement? What else? Participate in […]

Recession Reveals Gaps In Financial Planning

As providers of financial education, Financial Finesse (www.financialfinesse.com) experts are in tune with real world economics. The recession of the last 2 years has, of course, impacted large, faceless corporations. But we have all felt a decided ‘trickle down’ impact. Even those who are still employed are not immune from the stress and worry that […]

Boosting Employees’ Financial ‘Health’ Pays Off for Employers

by Kristie Howard, Longfellow Benefits With the adoption of worksite wellness growing as a key business strategy to improve workers’ health and productivity, leading employers are already seeing bottom-line benefits from investing to keep employees healthy. As bad news continues to mount on the economic frontand people become more stressed about their personal finances, employers […]