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Union-Limiting Law Goes Down in Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich says he’s taking “a deep breath” after voters overwhelmingly rejected a state law he supported placing limits on collective bargaining for government workers. Union supporters are praising the vote that rejected Senate Bill 5, a law that would have prohibited strikes by public-sector unions, ended binding arbitration, stopped promotions based totally […]

Six Lessons on Employee Communications from Gov. Christie

The other day, I read about a confrontation New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had with the state’s firefighters. It occurred on September 17 of last year. Gov. Christie was scheduled to address the firefighters at their annual convention. As the governor entered the convention center and made his way up to the stage, he was […]

Will Gender, National Origin Make a Difference in Sotomayor’s Jurisprudence? – Part 1

by James M. Sconzo and James C. Goodfellow Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has triggered a classic clash of left versus right. Those speculating on how Judge Sotomayor might rule on key constitutional issues have characterized her as everything from a level-headed jurist who applies the law to the facts of the […]