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Leave Management: How Do We Handle Benefits for Employees on FMLA?

Our office pays a set amount for employee health benefits. Expenses beyond that amount (generally spouse and/or dependent coverage) are the employee’s responsibility and are deducted from the employee’s paychecks. If an employee is out on pregnancy leave or FMLA and there are no paychecks from which to deduct the employee share of the premium, […]

Family Leave: We’re a Small Company—Are We Covered by FMLA?

We are a small California business with 14 employees. We are not supposed to be subject to FMLA, but our lawyer says we are. This is because we have FMLA eligibility information included in our handbook. But the eligibility clause clearly states that “employees who work at a location where the Company employs fewer than […]

Family Leave: What Can We Do to Prevent “Stacking” of Leave?

When one employee’s son was born, he took 10 days of vacation. Then he took five days of sick leave, and now he has requested FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) leave. We didn’t see all this leave coming. Do we have to give him 12 additional weeks of time off, or can we make […]

New FMLA Rules Coming Soon

The U.S. Department of Labor, which enforces the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), has announced that it will soon publish—by June 2006—a new rule conforming the department’s regulations to recent court decisions concerning the FMLA.

Short Takes: Performance Goals

We have a service repair technician who is required to repair 12 instruments a year, but due to a 3-month Family and Medical Leave Act absence was only able to repair 6. May we view him as an unsatisfactory performer and reduce his merit raise?