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Travel ban prompts questions about future of foreign workers in U.S.

President Donald Trump’s executive order affecting foreign nationals and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries sparked an uproar from a number of major employers—particularly those in the tech sector—but it may be just the first signal of a new and uncertain atmosphere for companies wishing to employ foreign workers.  Trump’s order, issued on January 27, prohibits […]

Would Senator Hatch’s H-1B solution help?

by Elaine Young In 2013, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was part of the group that drafted and passed a comprehensive immigration bill in the Senate. The bill later fizzled out in the House of Representatives. This year, Senator Hatch introduced the Immigration Innovation Act of 2015, which addresses one aspect of comprehensive immigration reform—increasing the […]

Federal Inactivity Continues to Spark State Immigration Action

A federal judge blocked parts of Arizona’s new immigration law on Wednesday, the day before the rest of the measure went into effect. But legal challenges are already flying and many are waiting to see what happens next. Last year, a record number of immigration-related laws were considered and passed in the 50 states. Over […]