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Covering Dependents Can Raise Questions

Many employers provide some sort of benefits for employees’ dependents. These can take many forms. Some are benefits that do not require expenditure of much, or any, money and which are not taxed. Other benefits for dependents, however, may entail more significant expenditures and have to be provided under specific rules in order to not […]

9 Flexible-Benefit Guidance Challenges to Watch Out for in 2012

By Rich Glass. The IRS is hitting the ground running. Just a few days into 2012, we received Notice 2012-09, which addresses reporting health care coverage costs on Forms W-2. Following are a nine more things that Glass says we can expect from the federal government this year. Affordable Care Act (ACA), Part I: Health […]

DOWNER: Transit benefit capped at $125/month starting Jan. 1

Your employees might be disappointed when they learn their tax exempt transit benefits are no longer $230 next month. Commuter benefits for mass transit are a top benefit offered by companies. But the monthly $230 cap for mass transit is set to be cut nearly in half to $125 a month in just six days – […]

San Francisco Expands Employer Health Reimbursement Role

On Jan. 1, employers in San Francisco will have to make sure that employee health reimbursement accounts the city requires them to fund are available to employees for two years, not just one. Amendments to the  Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO) add to the requirements the city already has in place to establish access to universal […]

The Top 5 Reasons Employers Should Offer an FSA

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are a common feature of employee benefit plans. But why would an employer offer an FSA plan to its employees? Well, it’s extra money in your workers’ pockets that you and your employees probably don’t want to leave lying on the IRS’ table. Karen Kirkpatrick, senior compliance adviser for Infinisource, explained […]

Twelve for ’12: A Dozen Ideas for Flexible Benefits

The year 2011 will soon be in the history books so it is not too early to work on the master “to do” list for 2012. Here are a dozen suggestions for benefits and insurance professionals who are involved with flexible benefits, by Rich Glass, JD, Chief Compliance Officer, Infinisource, Inc. Keep an eye on […]

Can Benefits Bills Distract Congress from Debt Acrimony?

This summer, the U.S. House and Senate took a break from its floundering over debt and deficits to consider a few measures affecting employee benefits. Perhaps it was refreshing, spending at least a little time thinking about something else. Let’s take a look at the latest House and Senate bills that could affect employee benefits. […]

Help! I enrolled an employee in an FSA plan erroneously!

Here’s a chance for you to interact with the blog editors from Thompson Publishing Group’s HR and benefits group. If you have a question or comment about flexible benefits cafeteria plan enrollment, send it along! In the meantime, here’s John Iekel, managing editor of the Flex Plan Handbook, responding to just that kind of question. […]