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Best Defense Is Good Offense: Preparing Your Office for Legal Sports Betting

Football season has kicked off, and baseball playoffs and basketball season are just around the corner—make no mistake about it, your employees will be gambling. From interoffice fantasy sports, to seasonal bracket challenges, to weekly pick ’ems, workplace gambling is more commonplace than you might think. And you can expect an increase in workplace gambling […]

March madness or good, clean fun? What HR needs to know about office gambling

by Justin Lessner For many sports fans, March means March Madness and hour upon glorious hour of college basketball. There’s a good chance that some of your employees are planning office pools, just waiting for Selection Sunday, the day the official brackets are released. While they view office pools and other office gambling as a […]

March Madness at work: Can it be a slam dunk?

by Tammy Binford “Team building” is a term that gets a lot of buzz among those interested in fostering collaboration and camaraderie in the workplace. Executives are eager to sponsor activities to nurture creativity and productivity, and they sometimes focus their efforts on helping employees have fun at work.   With March Madness in full swing, […]

Compulsive Gambler Bets on FMLA Leave and Loses

by Michael E. Barnsback Jonathan Mook (one of our intrepid Virginia Employment Law Letter editors) and I recently taught a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Master Class. As with all of our FMLA classes, the major concern among the participants was how to curb abuse and prevent claims. One of the recent cases we […]

Allowing Gambling at Work: A Good Bet or Bad Odds?

By Celeste Blackburn Are your employees gambling at work? With the Super Bowl and NCAA basketball tournaments coming up, it’s almost a sure bet that at least some employees are gambling on sports during company time, using company equipment. Sometimes, employees don’t wait for major sporting event to gamble, instead betting on the Oscars, American […]

The Wild, the Innocent, and the Super Bowl Shuffle

by Boyd A. Byers Super Bowl Sunday is February 7. About 140 million Americans will watch the game on TV, and 20 million will attend a Super Bowl party. While doing so, we’ll eat 20 million pounds of potato and tortilla chips. Let’s look at some other Super Bowl-related numbers for you to ponder in […]

It’s College Bowl — and Office Pool — Season

by John Husband Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ~ Vince Lombardi I understand what it means to be an avid college football fan. In my earlier days, I was fortunate to be on three Big Ten Conference […]