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Big Data—9 Dangers to Look Out For

Big data is being touted as the great new source of actionable information for HR pros. However, while big data analysis can produce some fascinating results, beware—big data can be accompanied by big dangers.

Show Them the Money: Pay Programs for 2015

In 2015, you need to be sure that you’re paying your high performers the right way. Good comp plans are the key to attracting and retaining talent, but which options might work for you? Experts Cassandra Faurote and Karl Ahlrichs, SPHR, are here to help with some ideas.

Recordkeeping 2015—Papers, Please!

Recordkeeping is the key to compliance and legal defense—and there have already been some changes to the requirements in 2015, particularly for safety and paid sick leave. Don’t get caught unprepared! In today’s Advisor, Attorney Usama Kahf provides the info you need to keep the right records in the New Year.

10 Tips for Making Telecommuting Work

Yahoo and Best Buy famously eliminated or curbed telecommuting; meanwhile, other companies are embracing it. (Cisco reported it improved employee retention and saved $277 Million by allowing employees to telecommute.) In today’s Advisor, attorneys Deanna Brinkerhoff and Cathleen Yonahara offer ten practical tips for your telecommuting program.