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Is Obesity a Disability? Fat Chance!

by Gary Jiles Q: Can an employee be fired for being so obese that he can’t do his job? In other words, is obesity a disability protected by law? Americans with Disablities (ADA) Compliance Manual A: The employee must be qualified to do his job or he faces termination. With a few exceptions, the latest […]

How Can Employers Avoid Legal Issues When Firing Employees?

by Gary Jiles Q: Everywhere you turn right now, you hear bad news about the economy. As a small-business owner, I’m afraid I’ll have to resort to letting go of several hourly employees. Like other employers, I’ve dealt with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges from employees, and I have many employees who belong to […]

When Must Employers Pay Mileage Reimbursements?

by Gary Jiles Q: The continuing increase in gas prices has caused me some concern lately because I often have to send my employees on work-related errands or trips. When and how much am I required to reimburse my employees for mileage, or am I even required to reimburse them at all? And do mileage […]

Looking at the Basics of a 401(k) Plan

by Gary Jiles Q. How do I go about starting a 401(k) plan for my employees, and what are some of the general requirements? Keep up with the latest changes in laws regarding employee benefits with the Benefits and Compensation Law Alert. A. Choosing to offer a 401(k) retirement savings plan for your employees is […]