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MillennialsText—Good or Bad for the Workplace?

One of the most clichéd or stereotypical images of a younger employee slacking off on the job involves the employee texting at work. But a recent article by Valerie Bolden-Barrett, writing for HR Dive, reveals that texting actually serves legitimate business needs. Many younger managers rely heavily on this medium for communicating with their teams: […]

12 Gaps in Your Candidate Experience

A survey by CareerBuilder shows that there might be some serious gaps between your organization’s recruiting needs and your candidates.

Generational Warfare in the Workplace: Some Calling for a Ceasefire

One of the many topics currently crowding the radar screen of human resources thinkers concerns the multiple generations in today’s workforce. Millennials, Gen Xers, baby boomers, and even some well beyond age 70 are finding themselves working side by side. Figuring out how to engage individuals who have come of age in different eras and […]

Ageism in Tech

A new study conducted by Visier, a leading provider of talent management solutions, finds systemic ageism exists in tech hiring practices.

Recruiters: This Survey Will Put You in the Candidates’ Shoes

As the recruiter, you are always behind the desk or on the business end of the phone. A recent survey helps put you on the other side of that desk and on the other end of that phone. There is nothing quite like a new perspective to help you adjust your recruiting game. By Melissa […]

Make Training Count Across Generations

By Brian Winterstein In a workplace made up of multiple generations, it can be difficult to ensure that your training speaks to all employees. However, there are still ways you can make training count. Brian Winterstein, vice president of human resources for Liberty Tax Service, explains how.

Visualization—A Key to Inspirational Leadership

In today’s multigenerational workforce, it’s constantly a challenge to train, motivate, and lead your organization’s employees. Visualization and imagery can help, however, as shown in today’s article by Chris Ainsworth, head of talent and organizational development for TD Bank®.