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Restaurant Industry Trends: What Does It Take to Attract Gen Z?

With job openings in restaurants at a record high, and millions of Gen Zers slated to enter the U.S. workforce, a new study was conducted to explore the relationship between younger generations and the restaurant industry, in order to see if and where the desires of these younger generations overlap with what the industry has […]


Multigenerational Workforce Drives Innovation, Problem Solving

There are now five generations in the workplace, and while much focus has been on the potential for conflict and miscommunication between generations, a new study reports on some positive impacts of age diversity—increased innovation and problem solving! Among U.S. respondents, 87% said that a multigenerational workforce increases innovation and problem solving.


Figuring Out What Your Younger Employees Really Want

Attracting and keeping talented employees is incredibly important and often very difficult. In a post-industrial society, businesses run more and more on people and less and less on nonhuman capital like factories, vehicles, and machinery. At the same time, with historically low unemployment rates, employees have added flexibility to be picky when it comes to […]