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What Is Organizational Diagnostics?

Have you heard the term “organizational diagnostics” or “organizational diagnosis”? It’s quite possible you’ve engaged in organizational diagnostics without using that term. It’s the idea of taking a systematic approach to assessing the organization and determining where there may be problems and is often used during times of change to help organizations uncover hidden, unintentional […]


Goal Setting as a Time Management Technique

Regardless of intellect, education, or industry experience, every employee faces one very real and very concrete limitation: the number of hours in the day. Sure, we could theoretically add additional time at the start and end of an already jam-packed day, but that will only go so far, and sooner or later, it will lead […]


Striking the Balance to Keep Goals Both Meaningful and Achievable

An ambitious team or company goals are great ways to get the organization fired up at the beginning of the relevant period. But staff will understandably be let down—and bosses, shareholders, and other stakeholders will understandably get upset—if those goals aren’t consistently met. At the same time, setting goals that are underwhelming and easily achievable […]


Tips for Setting and Monitoring Workplace Goals That Create Organizational Success

By Anita Bowness, talent management consultant, Halogen Software Goal-setting is an effective method for aligning and improving performance at the individual and organizational level. And yet, we know that for many, the year begins with setting goals that fail to align efforts as intended. The reason?

How to Set Hard Goals for Soft Objectives

Some goals are easily measured, but some, like adhering to company values, are harder to measure, says expert Dr. B. Lynn Ware. Values are an important part of the company culture, but how can you make the measurement of values concrete, quantifiable, and qualitative? For example, says Ware, take a public relations agency that wants […]

‘Strike Zone’ Payout Curve for Executive Incentives

Goal Setting Goal setting is the most important and challenging aspect of annual and long-term incentive design, says Harris, who is Managing Director at Frederic W. Cook & Co. Harris was joined by Ron Miller, Head of Global Rewards, Mobility, M&A, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, in a presentation at the WorldatWork Total […]