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Age Discrimination: Important New Proposals To Beef Up California’s Age Bias Laws

In a controversial decision last year, a California Court of Appealruled that you can discharge high-earning employees over age 40and replace them with lower-paid workers, provided your motivationis to save money and not discriminate against older employees. The California Supreme Court recentlyrefused to review the ruling. But now, two important proposalsare pending in Sacramento that would, […]

News Notes: Court Approves Weekly Overtime In California

A court has rejected a bid by labor groups to block the Industrial Welfare Commission’s recent changes to California’s overtime laws, set to take effect January 1. Unless overturned by a higher court, this latest development clears the way for overtime to be required only after 40 hours in a week rather than after eight […]

Workplace Scheduling: Daily Overtime Scrapped; Other Revolutionary Changes May Be On The Way

Major changes are in the pipeline that could dramatically alter how California works. First, in a historic development, daily overtime for most workers may be eliminated. And other proposals are under consideration on such important issues as comp time, alternative workweeks and family leave. Here are the details, along with how they might affect you.

News Notes: Daily Overtime Rule Suspended In Flooded Counties

After declaring a state of emergency in 44 counties because of this winter’s storms, Governor Wilson signed an executive order suspending daily overtime requirements for private, non-union employers in the counties affected. The goal is to help businesses recover from the disaster by allowing the use of flexible work schedules. Employees can work more than […]