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5 Words Every Employer Should Say During a Job Interview

To their own detriment, 92% of employers focus on experience and ability when hiring employees. But experience and ability are all but irrelevant in hiring the best employees. In his latest book, The Five A’s of Great Employees, author, speaker, and workplace-cultural advisor Eric Swenson identifies the five most important traits of a truly great […]

Don’t get in a hurry and hire the wrong person

by Dan Oswald It’s undeniable that the caliber of the people in your organization—their integrity, intelligence, experience, and commitment—is critical to your success. Give great people the opportunity to do meaningful work, and there’s no telling what they can achieve. So if the people in your organization are the most critical factor in your success, […]

Increase company performance by instilling sense of ownership

by Dan Oswald “He acts like he owns the place!” Depending on the context, that single sentence, when used in the workplace, can either spell disaster or be one of the most positive and flattering things to be said about an employee. If the statement is made out of frustration about an employee who throws […]

What Makes a Great Employee?

Frequently I’m asked, “What is the one thing that sets really great employees apart from the rest?” It’s an interesting question. I’m always surprised that people would assume that there might be a single common thread that ties all the best employees together. The questioners assume there is a single trait shared by the best […]