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IRS Announces Special Per Diems, High-Cost Locales for FY 2018

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated its special per diem rates for the transportation industry, incidental expenses, and the “high-low” substantiation method. These rates, announced September 25 in Notice 2017-54, apply to allowances paid to employees on or after October 1 for travel on or after that date.

Keep That Travel Budget Tight: Feds Issue Per Diems for FY 2012

Policymakers may debate the federal government’s overall spending habits, but federal employees have long had restrictions on how much they can be reimbursed for travel expenses, for example. And each year, the “per diem” travel reimbursement rates are adjusted. In fact, the feds have released per diem rates, adjusted for inflation, for fiscal year 2012, […]

News Notes: Federal Employees Discouraged From Using Cell Phones While Driving

The U.S. General Services Administration has asked federal agencies to discourage employees from using handheld wireless phones while driving government vehicles. Citing pending legislation around the nation to regulate the use of cell phones while driving, the GSA stated that the government should assume a leadership role in promoting cell phone safety by its employees. […]