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Is Your Emergency Preparedness Training Current and Continuous?

Review your emergency plan regularly so you can determine whether it needs to be revised or updated based on new facilities, new equipment, new procedures, new materials, etc. In addition, periodic training sessions give you the opportunity to remind and update your workforce about any changes to procedures or to their individual responsibilities in the […]

Employee Documentation Q&A: Job Descriptions, Performance Appraisals and Personnel Files

“Documentation can be extraordinarily helpful when it’s done completely, timely, and appropriately.” Ann Bowden-Hollis told us in a recent BLR webinar. But it can also be problematic if done improperly or without oversight. At the conclusion of the webinar, Bowden-Hollis answered participant questions including questions regarding how to address cognitive abilities in job requirements (to […]

Employment Law Tip: Workplace Giving for Hurricane Victims

In the wake of the recent hurricane that has devastated parts of the Gulf Coast and left thousands homeless, many employers across the country are organizing charitable giving campaigns in their workplaces to enable employees and the employer, often in the form of matching gifts, to help the hurricane victims. Here’s online contact information for […]